What Your Underwear Says About You

13. Strapless

You’re always willing to try something different, every day is a new adventure for you, and you’re a very spontaneous person.


14. Push-up

You make friends easily and are never afraid to speak what’s on your mind, even if you cross the line sometimes.


15. Sports bra

For you, comfort is the first priority and then appearance. You have a very long to-do list and you don’t need any inconvenience interrupting you.


16. Lace bra

You don’t like conflict and you’re very friendly. Guys tend to fall in love with you because you’re very open and sincere.


17. Multiway

Bras that can be worn in several different ways are great for a woman who doesn’t like to be confined or always have to control everything herself.


18. Bandeau

You’re honest and sensitive. People like to turn to you for advice and you’re always ready to help them.