What Your Underwear Says About You

7. Boxers

You’re a laid-back girl and you don’t want to stop. You don’t care about “what they’ll say,” and you don’t run after millions of new friends or subscribers, you stay loyal to your BFFs.


8. Briefs

You’re very practical and calm. You never panic, instead, you keep cool and search for creative solutions.


9. High-waist granny’s panties

You’re very comfortable with yourself, quirky, a trustworthy friend, and very choosy when it comes to men.


10. Underwear with text

You’re forever young, ready to stand out, and hanging out with you is never boring.

11. T-shirt bra

You‘re an elegant girl and like to be classy. Bizarre and eccentric is not for you.


12. Balconette

You are very charismatic and comfortable with yourself. You make friends easily, and hate lies and drama.