What Your Underwear Says About You

How do we choose the clothes we wear? Do we follow the styles we see in a magazine? Our friends? Or maybe a cool blogger we follow? According to Kate Nightingale from “Style Psychology”, it’s a mix of all the above and our emotions, memories, and self-esteem. So each piece of clothing we wear can say a lot about our personality.

1. T-string

You’re confident, independent, you believe in yourself, and you like to show off your assets.


2. G-string

You’re not afraid to be different, always ready to come out of your comfort zone, but you definitely know how to balance how much you want to reveal or hide from others.


3. Thong

You’re ambitious and very motivated, and you never stop until you get what you want. You’re a sexy leader and some people may feel a bit intimidated by you.


4. Tanga

You know how to enjoy the beauty of the simple life. A traditional person by nature, but with progressive thoughts.


5. Bikini

You’re an athletic person who is always ready for an adventure, you can be playful and sexy, but practical and serious when it’s needed.


6. Cheekies

You’re cheeky, energetic, daring, and really love shopping.