What Disney Princesses Were Like in Real Life

Snow White wasn’t woken up by a kiss either.

This fairy tale is another one that has been softened by Disney.

In this story, written by The Brothers Grimm in the 19th century, Snow White’s stepmother tried to kill her 4 times. At first, she ordered a servant to kill the princess, who was only 7 years old, and bring back her liver as proof of her death. The evil queen ate the meat brought by the servant not even suspecting that it belonged to a deer. Having found out that Snow White was still alive, her stepmother changed her appearance and gave the naive princess a lace dress that almost choked her, then a poisoned hair comb, and only after that — a poisoned apple. The dwarfs were able to protect Snow White from the lace and the comb but they were too late when it came to the apple and decided to put her in a crystal coffin.

Snow White didn’t wake up because of a kiss. The Prince, mesmerized by her beauty, ordered his servants to place the coffin in his castle. The servants obeyed the order but on the way to the castle one of the servants stumbled, the coffin shook, and the piece of the poisoned apple came out of the princess’s throat.

The Little Mermaid died.

This Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale has gone through many modifications as well. In the cartoon, Ariel wins over the evil Ursula with the help of Prince Eric and manages to get her voice back, while King Triton turns her into a human for the rest of her life. The cartoon ends with pictures of their beautiful wedding.

In the original story, the author talks a lot about religion and soul. The Little Mermaid has a granny. The legs that she got for her voice cause her a lot of pain. At the end of the fairy tale, the Prince marries another girl and the Little Mermaid dies. The attempts of her 5 sisters to save her fail and the next morning after the wedding, the Little Mermaid dies having turned into sea foam. Later, Andersen changed the end and made the Little Mermaid a daughter of the air. After this, she is able to get a soul and enter paradise.

Some researchers believe that this fairy tale is Andersen’s disguised confession of his love for another man who didn’t return his feelings and got married. No one knows for sure whether it’s true or not but the fact is that later in life the writer decided to stay away from romantic relationships and preferred to live in solitude. This is proven by the many entries in his diaries.

Belle was a real princess.

Stories about a beauty who was captured by a beast are there in the folklore of most European countries. The origins of the plot can be found in the mythology of Ancient Greece — in a story about Psyche and Cupid, while the very first published version of Beauty and the Beast has interesting details that have been lost with time. This story was published by Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve.

Her version explains, in detail, how the curse put on the prince works and that Belle’s parents are a king and a kind fairy who gave Belle to the family of a merchant in order to hide her from an evil witch.

Later, the fairy tale was turned into a teaching story with the moral being that your soul is more important than your appearance and that’s why all the extra details disappeared. But Disney threw out even more significant details from the shortened version — for example, Belle’s 2 sisters. They felt envious about Belle living in a big and luxurious palace and persuaded her to stay at home for one more day, but the Beast had asked her to come back on time and almost died of suffering from being without her.