8 Visual Female Traits That Make Men Lose Their Mind (Spoiler: It’s All Because of Their Instincts)

5. Long arms

This is one of the physical attributes that you either have or not. But it’s interesting to know that men find long arms more attractive than long model-like legs.

In research held by scientists from the University of New South Wales, a group of men watched videos of 96 women between the ages of 20 and 49. After watching the video, they were asked to grade the women that they saw. The results have shown that women with long arms were graded as more attractive every time. The size of their hips and waist also proved to be important, along with their weight and age. At the same time the length of their legs, that many women think is important, didn’t affect the grade significantly.


6. High-pitched voice

Research has shown that men prefer thin female voices because they are perceived as younger and more womanish and show a high level of estrogen. Moreover, a high-pitched voice also assumes a smaller body size, while a low voice is usually more associated with masculinity, which means that women like men who have this kind of a voice. When hearing it, they subconsciously imagine a big and strong man.

Scientists outlined that the timbre and tone of the sounds also make a difference in the animal world. Deep growls usually indicate a large animal, while thin and lighter tones, similar to the sounds insects make, indicate a small size and, therefore, helplessness. Perhaps that’s another reason why men prefer thin voices.


7. Flexure of the spine

It’s not a secret that men like appetizing female shapes. However, a closer look at this question proves that everything is actually not that simple. In fact, appetizing shapes are those that appear due to a certain flexure in the waist and not those that appear due to excess weight.

Psychologist David Lewis from the Bilkent University conducted 2 experiments. The first group of men was tasked with assessing the attractiveness of women in photos whose shapes had been changed in the waist area with the help of digital technologies (different angles of flexure were shown). The men considered flexure that had a 45-degree angle to be the most attractive. In the second test, the scientist decided to find out whether the examinees prefer this option because it makes butts look more protruding or whether the beauty lies in the flexure itself. This test showed that it’s the flexure itself that attracts men and the size of butts, in this case, doesn’t matter at all.


8. Red color

In research done by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta it was proven that a certain reaction of men to the color red can also be programmed biologically. This is evidenced by the fact that the same thing works in the animal world, where this color usually signals the readiness for mating.

In the preface to the study, Elliot and Niesta wrote, ’In many nonhuman primates, the color red enhances males’ attraction to females. In 5 experiments, the authors demonstrate a parallel effect in humans.’ The authors also found out that as a rule, men don’t even suspect that this color affects them. Also, the scientists were able to figure out that color red doesn’t affect a women’s perception of other women.