9 Unexpected Things All Overprotective Parents Do

7. “If my child goes somewhere with friends, I plan their activities.”

As soon as your child gets older, they find friends. When they’re to go for a walk or to the mall, you make a plan of what to do and where to go. You get all the phone numbers and addresses of your kid’s friends and their relatives.

This behavior may lead to bullying at school and it deprives a child of their independence because they always listen to their mother and can’t make decisions on their own.


8. “When my child has free time, I worry and try to find a task for them.”

You’re the type of parent that tries to keep your child busy just to keep them by your side. You don’t believe that they are able to make any decisions on their own without your input or that anyone but you might know what’s best for them. These kids have so many lessons, obligations, and hobbies that they don’t have a free second for themselves. They’ve never experienced a taste of independence and can’t explore any interests of their own.

When these children grow up, they’re unable to take responsibility, and don’t know what to do with their lives.


9. “If my child can’t do anything on their own, I’ll always help.”

You think that if other kids are able to do this or that, that your child can also do it. But you don’t take into consideration that your child is an individual with their own abilities and desires. If your child fails to do something, you start reproaching them or yourself.

This behavior may lead to a decrease in their academic performance. If you realize that all people are different and being the best at everything doesn’t make anyone happy, your child’s and your own life will be easier.

If you “scored” only 1 or 2 points, you’re fine. If you “scored” more, it’s time to think about your attitude toward your kids since parental anxiety contributes to vulnerability in their children. There’s a risk that your child will always experience a fear of the future and other psychological issues that don’t allow a person to develop.

Don’t overprotect your child, it’s better to support them, and let them make their own decisions so they can understand that the world is interesting and an amazing place to explore.