This Is How You Love A Girl Who Does Not Know How To Be Loved

Support her

She has aspirations, dreams, and goals, but she’s not sure that you’re willing to stick by her and encourage her through them. Allow her to dream and tell you about those dreams without the threat of you crushing them. If she mentions a dream of hers, bring it up at a later date in a way that lets her know that you remember it, support her in it, and are willing to give her the encouragement she needs. That also means giving her the space and time she needs to fulfill those dreams.

Don’t fall for the “you complete me” thing

You don’t want to be two halves of a whole, because she shouldn’t need you to complete her. She is a whole, beautiful, interesting person on her own (just like you are e a whole, admirable, interesting person on your own). Rather than needing each other to make one complete being, you should each be whole individuals that together, are simply awesome.

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