This Is How Marketers Force Absurd Beauty Trends On Women

Do you think you’re unique? It’s okay if you don’t think you do and great for you if you do. Studies reveal that 80% of women think every woman has something unique about themselves, yet, are unable to confirm one for themselves.

If you can’t here are 8 beauty standards Green Lemon thinks are too absurd and that you should free yourself from. Then, you probably can find your own uniqueness.

Being youthful is great.

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Anti-aging formulas first came out in 1983 and to this day, Neutrogena company is selling 3D-mask that is custom-printed based on an individual’s facial features.

How do they sell this? Just look at this comparison. Simple editing was given to reduce the wrinkles and make her look younger, but this simply costs us hopes and money to gain the same look.

Thankfully, there are still people who preserve the natural beauty, like actress Helen Mirren or model Yasmina Rossi.

They want you to change through plastic surgery.

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And then, there are things that just cannot be ‘naturally’ fixed. So, plastic surgery is. Many people are willing to let people cut their face just to gain a perfect facial feature. A lot who took the extreme step did not have awful looks, to begin with. Slightly smaller nose, bigger eyes, double eyelids, etc; despite the risks, they are willing to take it.

Fat lips and sharp cheekbones are the trend.

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Lip correction procedure is getting more popular along with injection. Thicker, sexier lips along with a face that looks like you’re smiling all the time.

Sounds like Joker.

As always, side-effects and complications are present but that didn’t stop many.

Bigger eyes and thicker eyelashes.

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Don’t you just miss when people only had fake eyelashes temporary glued and mascara for that all-out look? Some didn’t even bother with fake and simply used mascara. Others don’t even bother with it.

But now, people are tattooing, laminating and curling their eyelashes. Others go back to the trend of the past, reminding some of us why those are only trends of the past.

Have the most perfect nails that cost you hundreds of dollars per visit and last only a few months.

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I still do my own nails, hands up to those who still do.

It’s true that doing it on your own won’t guarantee a gorgeous results and sometimes, not even close to neat. But the price some people are willing to pay to get a well-done manicure and pedicure will make your jaw drop.

Perfect straight teeth that is only white.

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Technavio suggested that the enamel whitening market will grow by 4% in 2021. Others suggest using tooth polish which is considered harmless and often suggested by dentists. Many are also trying to get their teeth straightened through braces. This trend is sweeping the whole world, prompting even women who don’t have issues with their teeth, nutrition absorption or eating habit.

Yes, braces do wonder to one’s facial appearance, like how Tom Cruise changed. But he had more than just face issue – horribly unaligned teeth can be very hard to clean and may cause bacteria and plague to pile up in between holes and cavities to form.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry doesn’t see the need to fix them and she won’t ever.

You’re always too fat.

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According to a study by Harvard University in Figi where people believed rounded shapes are perfect. Three years after satellites begin to broadcast TV there, 50% of the women believe they were ‘too fat’ and 15% admitted they had forced themselves to vomit to look slimmer.

The idea of getting a fit and ideal body is not wrong and each is to his/her own goals. But when the media makes one feels they are always too fat or too slim can lead to a dangerous eating habit that can endanger one’s health.

They want you to wear what doesn’t really fit you.

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Retailers nowadays don’t sell clothing, hats or shoes – they are selling a lifestyle and want you to bathe in the lies that you look good in all those. No, you don’t always do because you can’t be Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Gal Gadot at the same time.

Each individual’s body feature makes it important that you know what type of body shape you have and what kind of clothing will look best on you