This Girl’s Online Order For A Yellow Dress Went Hilariously Wrong She Could Only Laugh

Online shopping is a hit or miss when it comes to shops you’ve never been to. Yes, even after so many experiences and lessons people share, we can’t stop taking the risk for that nice dress and that’s exactly what Jodie did.

She was so excited for her package, but she could hardly control herself from giggling once she saw the size of it.



Jodie said, “I was excited when it came but was a bit shocked when I seen the size of the package. What came out was even worse. I found it quite funny and it was a bit difficult to get on as it was so small.”


Jodie explained while speaking to Dublin live that she’s not new to online shopping. “I shop online occasionally, this is the first time I’ve ever received something that was completely different to the photo online. It came up as an ad on Instagram and I clicked on to the page and went from there.”

She got her warning when the bank ask her to look out for the site’s authenticity, but since it was a €33 dress…

“My mam and I had a laugh trying to get it on and found it hilarious when I finally got it on as it was completely see through,” she continued.

What made this whole situation funnier was that the company used someone else’s picture from a different brand!


She reveals that her picture and that piece of clothing was meant for and from House of CB. And as it turns out, Jodie was NOT alone – many women have fallen victims to the Instagram ad they put and sent with a different, disappointing version instead.

Lessons learned girls, now you know how mad these online shops are that they will use pictures from different sites for themselves. Still a hit and miss, but cross one dress of your wish list now. Especially with the quarantine giving us more than enough time to browse, you have to be extra careful!