This girl tried cheap vs. expensive makeup and this is what happened

This is the end result

Looking at the photos, you might be hard-pressed to tell the difference between expensive eye makeup products and drugstore ones. However, unlike the expensive foundation, the foundation used for the makeup on the left makes the skin look muddy.

The experiment wouldn’t have been complete if we hadn’t tested the beauty products in real-life situations. For this purpose, we asked our model to first walk under drizzling rain and then to eat an apple.


The rain test

Cheap cosmetics (on the left): Though the manufacturer stated that the mascara was waterproof, it failed the test and flowed down the model’s face. The eyeliner smeared too. The foundation didn’t change a lot. It’s probably because it was almost invisible even before the testing.

Expensive cosmetics (on the right): Both the designer mascara and the eyeliner passed the waterproof test successfully. They remained perfectly still and did not run. The expensive eye shadow, unlike the cheap one, gathered in the crease of the eyelids. The skin became shiny.


The apple test

Cheap cosmetics (on the left): The color of the lipstick faded to almost nothing.

Expensive cosmetics (on the right): The color began to fade towards the center of the lips, but it still didn’t look bad.


1. Expensive makeup products are not always better than their inexpensive counterparts.

2. When buying cosmetics, if you choose what to splurge on and where to save, it is better to try the prestige foundation.

3. Since in the photos the difference between expensive and cheap makeup is not that evident, you can use drugstore products to prepare for a photo shoot.