This girl tried cheap vs. expensive makeup and this is what happened

When it comes to buying makeup products, many women believe that because a product is more expensive it’s automatically better. Is this true, and do we really need to splurge on the pricier stuff?


Cheap cosmetics (on the left): The foundation has a creamy texture which seems too loose. It doesn’t smooth the skin and, moreover, makes it feel dry and tight. The blush gives the skin an uneven tone and makes the face look orange.

Foundation — $7, blush — $6.

Expensive cosmetics (on the right): The foundation hides all imperfections of the skin very well and is very easy to blend. The same can be said about the blush.

Foundation — $54, blush — $43.



Cheap cosmetics (on the left): The texture of the eye shadow is quite thick. It glides on smoothly, doesn’t fade, crease, or budge. The eyeliner is easily applied and has a handy bristle. Overall, the mascara is not bad, but it can be a bit lumpy.

Eye shadow — $10, eyeliner — $7.50, mascara — $9.

Expensive cosmetics (on the right): The eye shadow has quite a thick texture and doesn’t crease. The eyeliner feels the same as the previous one. The mascara goes on smoothly with no clumping.

Eye shadow — $46, eyeliner — $32, mascara — $29.



Cheap cosmetics (on the left): The lipstick has a pearl finish and a very peculiar scent. However, it still looks quite good.

Lipstick — $8.

Expensive cosmetics (on the right): This lipstick is matte and has a pleasant smell. However, it feels quite dry which makes it a bit difficult to apply evenly.

Lipstick — $35.