23 Things That Should Be Used Worldwide to Make Our Life Easier

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“A local restaurant gave me a band-aid for my hand and it was in the shape of a taco.”

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A bar where men get excited that each drink comes with a toy

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Toilet stalls in this cafe have clear glass doors that fog up when in use.

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The Odon device to ease delivery

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The Odon device was invented by Jorge Odon to assist during difficult births. He was inspired by his colleagues discussing a method to extract a loose cork from inside an empty wine bottle by inserting a plastic bag into the bottle.

In complicated deliveries, the device is positioned against the baby’s scalp and the sleeve is gently inserted around the baby’s head. Once a marker on the device indicates that it has been positioned properly, the inner compartment of the sleeve is inflated, providing a strong grip on the baby’s head.

Delivery with the Odon device was attempted in women in Argentina and South Africa, all of whom had previously given birth and were experiencing uncomplicated pregnancies. The Odon device was inserted successfully in 46 of the 49 women, and a successful delivery with expulsion of the fetal head after one-time application of the Odon device was achieved in 35 women.