12 Things No Woman Should Ever Apologize For

Women are sensitive creatures, even if they’re strong and independent. Sometimes they just experience unnecessary guilt for everything they say, do, and even feel. It often happens because of the pressure from the outside: “you need children,” “your hobby is ridiculous,” “you dress like a guy,” and thousands of other things. Yet you shouldn’t apologize for these.

1. For saying “no”


Women often feel guilty for saying “no.” It’s often easier to say “yes,” no matter what the result may be. This might surprise you, but you shouldn’t apologize for that. Yes, I know you feel awful for refusing to help a friend or telling a guy you don’t want to date him.

But think of you first; there’s probably a reason why you need to refuse. No matter how small it is — if you don’t feel like saying “yes,” no one has the right to force you.


2. For liking “manly” or “girly” things


“Honey, it’s time to find a more appropriate hobbyyou’re a lady!” How often have you heard something like this? Who on Earth told you that you cannot be an auto mechanic if you’re a woman?

Remember that it’s your life, and it’s you who decides what you want. There’s no reason why you can’t like bikes instead of knitting; or knitting instead of bikes. Hey, we live in the 21st century, after all!


3. For not wearing makeup


Hands up if you’ve ever felt you should wear makeup, because, well, you’re a woman. Even if you don’t like it, sometimes you feel that pressure. I’ll tell you one important thing. If you don’t like makeup, don’t apply it. If you like a light touch of face powder instead of a layer of foundation — it’s your choice.

After all, if you have awesome skin without all this contouring, non-touring, and hundreds of other ways to draw a new face — you have all the reasons to be proud of it.


4. For having fun


When was the last time you felt like dancing, singing, or jumping in the street but thought “What would people think?”

Hey girl, who cares? You can do what you want unless it hurts somebody. People will just smile or lift their eyebrow passing by…or they won’t even notice — anyway, who cares? You most likely won’t meet them ever again. Why should you refuse these seconds of pure joy?


5. For having emotions


Human beings have emotions; everyone knows it. Sometimes you need to cry or laugh… just because. You might have the desire to be alone and not talk to anyone; or the urge to hug your best friend right now.

You can be angry, happy, surprised, disappointed, sad, and even indifferent — and you shouldn’t apologize just because you haven’t answered someone with a smile.

6. For needing help and asking for it


Almost every woman at least once was in a situation where she needed help but was too ashamed to ask for it. Whether it was a heavy piece of luggage to lift on a shelf or some duty at home, we tend to feel guilty when we cannot handle something ourselves.

You should understand that asking for help is absolutely normal and no one will judge you. Additionally, most people would be glad to help because everyone likes to feel needed — you only have to ask. And instead of apologizing, say your sincere “thank you” — they will appreciate it much more.