10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

1 When They’re Drunk

Drunken women are terribly unattractive. I mean, who wants to see a grown woman on the floor taking her guts out? Not to mention the tripping-over-because-she-can’t-walk-in-heels that will surely ensue once she stands up.

2 When They’re Loud

Loud women are annoying, especially if they’re in your ear or screaming at you on the phone. Now take a minute to imagine yourself in the same room with a woman on her period having major mood swings; how long do you think you’ll last before you start to find her unattractive?

3 When They’re Negative

Negativity is unattractive no matter what gender it’s coming from, but for some reason women tend to be a little more annoying more so than men. So when a female is being negative talking smack about everything and hating everything, just remember that it’s very unattractive.

4 When They’re Impatient

We all know women are impatient, but sometimes they take it to the extreme. From telling you what time to be at a restaurant 5 times a day, to yelling at you if you took 5 minutes too long to get ready to go out somewhere, impatient women are just not cute.

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