She Let Her Three Year-Old Son Dress Her For A Week, These Are The Results

Day 3: The flower power.

Starting with the socks her son built this outfit up. Professing his love for flowers the socks were a must for the day. The flowery dress was a perfect match, the flower theme and all. Add some shoes and something to keep you warm. “Should I put a sweater on?” I yelled to him. ‘Or how about this jacket?’ he timidly asked. ‘That would be perfect,’ I gushed. It was so much fun to see his face when I followed through with what he suggested.”

Day 4: The Layering Hipster.

This outfit may not seem displeasing to the eye, but Summer had a bit of a struggle. On day four he chose three shirts for his mom, and no pants. Her son decided to return one of the shirts in favor of pants and grabbed two shoes.

Summer has two young ones at home.

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