Parenting Expert Reveals Aunt Are Just As Important As Mothers When Raising Young Girls

Most ladies think of an aunt, be it a blood relative or a family friend who positively impacted the growing up journey.

Well, it turns out there’s a reason as to why numerous women had such relationships with their aunts. A parenting expert has revealed aunts play a huge role in a young girl’s growth.

If Were Lucky To Have Grow Up With A Loving And Caring Aunt, Then You’ll Know How Special That Relationship Can Be

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It’s kind of challenging to describe, but the bond between an aunt and her niece is undoubtedly unique.

A Parenting Expert Has Shed Light On Why Such Relationship Is So Special

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Steve Biddulph, a psychologist and parenting expert said young girls need adult role models to become successful in life.

Biddulph Has Published Highly Appreciated Parenting Books

Steve Biddulph

Raising Girls and 10 Things Girls Need Most To Grow Up Strong And Free by Biddulph particularly addressed issues faced by young girls. He wants every parent on Planet Earth to prepare for the rare challenges faced by girls today.

Biddulph Also Revealed He Has Seen A Troubling Trend In Recent Years That Aims Young Girls

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Due To Messages In The Media That Targets Girls Self-Esteem and Appearances, They Are At Risk Of Developing Mental Health Issues

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Adults role models like aunts and mom help these young girls in reducing this risk, but importantly, aunts play an important role.

As Every Girl Get Older, It’s Natural For Them To Stop Going To Their Mom For Guidance

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Having An Aunt To Turn To Prevent Teens From Seeking Advice From Their Mates

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While peers and friends are quite important, they, however, lack maturity in guiding a young girl.

It’s Also Important To Recall That Aunts Come In Several Forms

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An aunt doesn’t necessarily have to be blood-related. A lot of people grow up with an aunt who was a close family friend.

So If You Are An Aunt, Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Building A Strong Relationship With Your Niece

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The little girl would sure need advice when dealing with some difficult decisions and will also know she has someone trustworthy to turn to at any time.