8 Ordinary Things That Harm Our Youth and Beauty

1. Flushing toilets

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that there are several rules to be mindful of when flushing the toilet. Of course, we all know that it’s important to keep the toilet area clean and wash our hands. But many people don’t know that there is a correct flushing method. And if we flush the toilet with the lid up, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms spray into the air… and can land on hair, clothes, and skin.

Solution: lower the lid each time before you flush.

2. Processed meat products

Meat products (such as sausages and hamburgers) contain a lot of fats and different supplements: for example, phosphorus and sulfites. These chemicals worsen the skin’s condition and speed up the body’s aging process.

Solution: reduce the consumption of this food.


3. Sugar

As we all know, sugar provokes excess weight gain. But the latest research shows that it also causes premature aging and skin inflammation. Inside an organism, sugar starts producing molecules that attack the collagen and elastin that are responsible for beautiful and smooth skin.

Solution: stop consuming sugar, replace it with honey, stevia, maple, agave, or topinambur syrup.


4. Bras

Firm breasts are associated with youth. There’s a theory that bras fight against gravity and keep breasts perky. But there is not any scientific justification to this theory. There is also an opposite theory that says that bras make chest muscles weak. And it’s been proven. Specialists are sure that only women with certain features (for example, big mammary glands) have to wear a bra to feel comfortable.

Solution: wear a bra only if necessary or avoid wearing one at all.