9 Movie Myths That Can Get You Killed

It is possible to write a book about how famous superheroes survived in the most extreme of situations, for example, Robinson Crusoe and Rambo. But are all of the methods they used really safe and effective?

Myth No 1: A cave is the perfect place to start a fire.

It seems to be safe and even romantic… The fire and the high temperature will heat the rocks. These rocks will expand when exposed to heat. And this can cause the rocks to fall on the person’s head. The only place you should start a fire is in a wide-open space outside.


Myth No 2: You can eat raw fish you have just caught. People eat sushi all the time.

The only thing that the movies don’t show is a potential digestion disorder caused by bacteria and microorganisms. Since there’s no first aid kit or ambulance in the wild, don’t take the risk — cook any fish you’ve caught over a fire. By the way, the same goes for the raw blood of animals. Ewww…


Myth No 3: You can throw a grenade and it won’t make a sound.

In reality, after activating a grenade, a firing pin inside of it makes a sound. This is why it’s really important to throw the grenade right after you activate it — not only because of the explosion but because of the pin — it can even damage your arm. Not a single action movie shows this aspect and this is exactly what delays the actual explosion by 3-4 seconds.


Myth No 4: You can use a tourniquet in order to save a limb.

No, you can’t. What you can do is make such a tight knot that the tissue will not have any blood circulation in it and the limb will have to be amputated. Besides, it can also lead to a heart attack in some cases. Try to stop the bleeding by taking the appropriate body position and pressing on the vessel in the injured spot.

A tourniquet is used only when the bleeding is too fast and it’s a matter of saving the person’s life and not their limb.