9 Mistakes Most Parents Regret Making

6. They were too strict.

It’s one thing to tell someone off for a bad thing they did and it’s completely different to start nitpicking. There’s a popular myth that the higher the expectations are, the more successful the person becomes. But in reality, you can actually get the opposite effectbehavioral problems and even development issues. And, of course, one of the downsides could be a poor relationship with your children.

Punishments for bad grades are also harmful — they can only decrease their overall success in school. Punish and reward your children only for the things that really matter. An “F” and a broken cup have never made anyone unhappy.


7. They didn’t take their child’s opinion into account.

There’s something about the number of times you’ve heard phrases like, “You’re too young to decide,” or “Adults know better,” and the fact that it’s unpleasant to hear something like this. But offending your child is not the worst thing that happens in this instance. Children whose opinion was often neglected may grow up to be insecure. It actually makes perfect sense: how can you know what you want from life if there was always someone who made all the decisions for you?

Let your child choose and express their own opinion. It’s better to discuss their wishes and explain things, than to ignore and limit them.


8. They didn’t make their child happy enough.

Good memories from our childhood are the most valuable things that nobody can take away from us. More than that, small vacations can turn into bigger accomplishments later: if a child is growing in a healthy atmosphere and has a lot of new experiences, it means that they are actively developing. Happy children find it easier to adapt to adult life and start new relationships.

Parents are also often nostalgic about the time they spent together. So, enjoy it and think about how to make your life more interesting. Make sure your child has as many happy moments in their life as possible.


9. They weren’t there for their children in the most important moments of their lives.

Some things that don’t seem serious to us, may be really serious to our children. And all people (especially children) need to have someone close to them at moments like these. Even if it seems like you have a good reason to miss your child’s birthday party, try not to. In the future, you will be sorry when you realize how many important events you have missed.

Choose a time to decorate the Christmas tree, go to the theater, or visit your grandmother together. All these things are important. And when children grow up, you will miss these moments.