ManLeft Heart Broken After Finding The Real Father Of His Daughter Is A 13-Year-Old Boy His Wife Was Babysitting

A heartbroken man has opened up about the moment he discovered that the biological father of the baby he thought was his was, in fact, a 13-year-old boy.

DNA tests showed the teenager, who Leah often give £10 to purchase chips and fish as a treat was million times possible to be the father than not.

Leah, 20, had been having an awkward affair with a boy, 13, she was babysitting

‘I was completely traumatized on finding out my daughter wasn’t mine, including having her taken away from me totally.’ Daniel explained.

With Leah expected to be jailed after being found guilty of three counts of sexual activity with a child, Dan expressed his torment in an interview with The Sun. Despite going through pain, Daniel insists that Leah isn’t a bad person and pleads she doesn’t want her to go to prison.

Leah was 17 when she began having sex with the boy, and it continued after she turned 18. Meanwhile, Robbins got married to her before the baby was born and believed the baby was his.

However, DNA tests would later prove the boy was “14 million times more likely than not” to be the biological father of Leah’s child.

5 months before the baby was due, Dan married Leah at a ceremony in a local hotel with close friends and family in attendance

‘It hurts like hell. We had an amazing life. Things were going so well. I had secured a good job, a nice home, a good relationship, and a beautiful daughter. Unexpectedly, the things I cherished was taken away. My job, home, wife & child. What do I have left?’ Daniel, 21, queried.

Daniel who used to be an apprentice mechanic, however, met with Leah during college in 2015 and their romance soon flourished. In early 2017, the pair briefly separated and Leah who worked as a childcare student volunteered as a babysitter.

Leah continually abused the teen two to three times a month, even after rekindling her love life with Daniel. As part of her preparation, Leah sent out texts of compliments to the teen, dubbing him cute and saying she loved him dearly.

Weeks after, Leah told Dan she was pregnant and believing he was the dad, Daniel got married before their baby was born. 5 months before the baby was due, Dan married Leah at a ceremony in a local hotel with close friends and family in attendance.