See if You Can Pass the FBI Special Agent Test (Part 2)

You have to have outstanding skills to be considered for the role of FBI special agent. The candidates have to pass many tests and answer a number of questions that can show if they have potential. Have you nailed Part 1? Here’s another set.

1. A serial killer

A serial killer invited a prospective victim to her home. They had dinner together after which, she offered her victim an apple. The victim said that she was already full. The killer divided the apple in half so they could share it. They both started eating the apple and as soon as the guest tried the apple she died.


If both of them had the same apple, why did one of them die and another survive?


The killer used a knife coated with poison just on one edge.


2. A chemical mystery

A famous chemist was found dead in his laboratory. The police knew that two people were involved in the murder. And there were 5 suspects: Felice, Joshua, Nicolas, Nathan, and Peter. Police found a note written by chemist. The note said: “26-3-58 /28-27-57-16.”

The police immediately knew who the murderers were.


Who are the murderers and how did the police know?


The victim was a famous chemist, so if you look at the note very carefully, you will notice that the numbers correspond to atomic numbers on the periodic table of elements:

26 — Fe, 3 — Li, 58 — Ce Felice

28 — Ni, 27 — Co, 57 — La, 16 — S Nicolas

Felice and Nicolas are the murderers.