I Didn’t Need a Stylist to Look Slimmer, and Now I Dress Way Better

  • I’d known that horizontal stripes made us look bigger. But as it turns out, there are some nuances we need to know: wide stripes don’t hide flaws, they make us look more massive. But thin horizontal stripes highlight the silhouette and hide the flaws.
  • I tried on a wide-striped dress and it didn’t make me look any better. But the second dress had thin stripes. When I tried that one on, I realized that all the stories about stripes making us look bigger are not true. Just look at how great these thin stripes are at highlighting the breasts and making the hips look thinner!


  • Midi-skirts can make you look taller and more elegant. But it’s quite tricky for shorter women. Midi-dresses and skirts have to be worn correctly and the best way to keep from making mistakes is by using shoes with heels — the higher the better. The photo shows that heels make this skirt look much better.

  • The lines that go to the center of the body make the waist look thinner and make the upper and lower parts of the body look bigger. This is the Müller-Lyer illusion at work. Such clothes make us look taller and slimmer. The straight coat doesn’t make me seem any more elegant. So, when I want to look fancier, I wear a slim-fitted coat.


  • Vertical contrasting stripes on the sides are a perfect way to make your body look slimmer. In this case, the optical illusion helps you. And if the stripes are curved a little, the body will have an hourglass shape.
  • I think that every woman needs this type of dress because it will make a bigger lady look smaller, and a slimmer woman can attain a more defined body shape.

This experiment helped me to discover a lot of new things about my body. I am sure that from now on, I won’t be scared of buying clothes with thin horizontal stripes and I will consider buying dresses with contrasting colors on the sides. I will buy bigger-sized clothing and nude-colored shoes.

Additionally, I have also found that it is absolutely necessary to try on the clothes in colors I have never even considered before. It’s useful to try and look at yourself from a different angle and you will see that some clothes look good on you too, along with supermodels in magazines.


Selfies in fitting rooms help to avoid bad spontaneous purchases.

Taking selfies in fitting rooms is a great way to avoid spontaneous purchases that often turn out to be bad. When you take a picture of yourself in every new look, you can see yourself from a different angle and understand whether you look good in these clothes or not.