I Didn’t Need a Stylist to Look Slimmer, and Now I Dress Way Better

Not everyone is born with an innate sense of style and beauty. My name is Julia and I’m one of the people that lack this quality. Fortunately, nothing is impossible: anyone can learn to combine clothes so that they hide their flaws and highlight their advantages. The most important thing is to know the basic rules and follow them.

I had never been able to style and match clothes so I’ve always worn boring outfits. But I finally got tired of it.

In the bonus feature of this article, you can learn what else I’ve learned from this experiment aside from choosing clothes.

So, I went to the store (many times) and started trying on a lot of things, and here’s what I found.

  • It’s believed that vertical stripes make us look slimmer and horizontal ones make us look bigger. But in the theory of German physicist, Hermann von Helmholtz, a square that consists of horizontal lines seems taller than it is, and a square that contains vertical lines looks wider.
    I also found that horizontal stripes don’t always make you look bigger. It was a big revelation for me which is going to make my wardrobe much more diverse.

  • Stylists say to buy clothes that fit you. Smaller sizes accentuate all the negatives. I have tried on the same dress but in different sizes. Now I’ve realized that half of the clothes I have need to be thrown away — they’re too tight.


Color illusion

  • It’s known that we can use color to change the visual proportions of our bodies. For example, black makes us look slimmer due to the effect of irradiation: black colors absorb light better and they make things look smaller.
    This effect is obvious in the photos. The wide horizontal stripe on the waist makes me look much thinner. I was amazed with the result.


  • Black shoes are considered classic but if you’re going to wear skin tone tights, nude-colored shoes look much better because they make the legs appear longer. If you choose the same color for tights and shoes, the leg and the shoes look like one single piece, making the legs seem longer than they actually are.
  • I’ve tried on black and beige shoes: the black had 2.5 times of a higher heel but my legs still look better in the beige ones.


  • Again, according to Hermann von Helmholtz, a square, limited by black stripes from the top and from the bottom, looks taller than a square limited by white stripes. This is why skirts and dresses with a black stripe at the bottom should not be combined with black tights. Visually, this combination will split part of the body and you will end up looking shorter and wider than you wanted. I’d always thought that the black color made us look slimmer no matter what. But it turned out that the same dress might look very different on you depending on the color of your tights.