9 Facts That Show How Amazing the Female Body Is

6. Women have greater muscle endurance.

Some studies show that women can do stamina-related exercise about 75% longer than men. The reason for that is hidden in their hormones – it’s believed that estrogen in women makes their muscles more resistant to fatigue.


7. Female skin is very sensitive.

Typically, women’s skin is 25% thinner than men’s skin which makes it a lot more sensitive to touch and other kinds of stimulation. Unfortunately, this feature has a negative side as well. Oversensitive skin makes women more prone to develop lines and wrinkles as they lose collagen from aging.


8. A woman’s mood depends on her hormones.

Most women know all about the symptoms of PMS. However, not every woman notices that her body is affected by her cycle every day of the month. As hormone levels are constantly changing in her brain and body, they also change her outlook, levels of energy, and sensitivity.

For example, women often feel sassier about 10 days after the beginning of their period and right before ovulation. During these days, they try to dress sexier in order to look more attractive to potential partners. A week later, when there’s a rise in their progesterone levels, women tend to stay at home with a hot cup of tea and cuddle in bed with their loved ones.

The next week, they usually feel weepy and easily irritated. And, of course, their mood turns to its worst point 12-24 hours before their period starts.


9. Women are experts at reading faces.

From the moment they’re born, women have the ability to read people’s faces, perfectly decoding their emotions and feelings. This helps them be more empathetic toward others and communicate with them better. Besides that, some studies show that women have a perfect memory of facial features.