16 Exes Who Are on a Warpath

Relationships are very difficult. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many relationships often end in breakups. Some people deal with this period of their lives quite well, while others can’t just let bygones be bygones: they are the people who keep calling and texting their exes at night and track their every move on social media like a special agent. And they never miss a chance to embarrass an ex in public. We all have a crazy ex story, so we decided to share some especially wild ones with you.

1. “I blocked my ex on everything but she somehow managed to message me through Direct TV.”


2. “I’ve been texting my ex everyday at 7:45 am for 3 years straight to remind her that I hate her.”


3. Catlover: The Beginning.

“I checked my ex’s page. There was someone in her ‘husband’ description. I decided to check who this lucky guy was. It turned out that it was her cat! She created a page for her cat and made him her husband! And that’s not all! She posts messages on the cat’s page. She writes about the good life that the cat had and the good wife he is married to. I realized that my ex is doing well.” –Dios666

4. “You know what… my ex should’ve kept me blocked.”


5. “My routine after every breakup.”


6. Revenge or honor?

“The awkward moment when your ex texts you 7 years later to tell you that she has a puppy that she gave your name to.” — SilentSteps