25 Couples Who Know That Patience Is the Key to a Successful Relationship

Many people say that marriage is based on patience. More than that, every spouse is sure that they are the ones having a hard time. A lot of people even post, on the internet or social media, about the difficulties that they are facing when in a relationship. What do you think the key is to relationship happiness?

“Didn’t have time to go into town, so drew a circle on Ryan’s hand so he could buy me the correct size hoop earrings.”


“I hate Instagram, just let me eat.”


“My girlfriend is away and she tried to pick a fight with me today, so I sent her this picture. Needless to say, she stopped arguing.”


“How my girlfriend takes the first piece of freshly baked brownies.”


“My girlfriend stuck and crying on a ladder.”


“My girlfriend and I went to a painting class. She got mad because I wasn’t following directions. I told her there’s no such thing as an accident.”