Bride Refuses To Let Stepkids Attend Wedding Because They Were Still Grieving Mom’s Death | She Died Only A Year Ago

The stepmother even insisted on having the wedding on their mother’s first death anniversary.

Relationships with stepmothers are often complex. While it is great to have a good relationship with them, it wouldn’t be possible if they themselves are not willing to understand and empathize with you and your circumstances.

The OP took to Reddit to describe the tale of a lady who became a step-mother to OP’s cousins after her aunt passed away. The woman began the post by saying that her aunt died leaving behind three young girls. She said that about eight months after the death, her aunt’s husband got engaged to a “perfect” woman who seemed nice to her cousins.

“My aunt died leaving behind 3 girls (5-7) and her ex-husband. About 8 months later, my uncle was engaged to a woman that everyone thought was perfect. She was pretty good with my cousins, she was nice to my family, she was good for my uncle it seemed,” wrote the woman on Reddit.
However, things took a different turn very soon. The step-mother insisted on getting married on the one year death anniversary of her aunt. She claimed it was the only date her mother could make it to the wedding. Though it devastated the young girls, she was not ready to compromise. “ESM (evil stepmother) said that the wedding could only be on 1 date: the 1 year anniversary of my aunt’s death. This devastated the girls of course and I’m sure it bothered my uncle too. But it HAD to be on this day because it was the ONLY day ESM’s mom could get off work to come to the wedding. Yes, a random-ass Tuesday was the only day that this wedding could happen. Riiight,” wrote the woman.

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Soon, the family too pressured the step-mother to understand the sentiments related to the day. But nothing could change her mind. Angered by their opposition, she threatened to uninvite the family of her soon-to-be husband. “Everyone in the family tried to discourage it for the sake of the kids until ESM turned bridezilla and threatened to uninvite my uncle’s side of the family entirely,” wrote the woman. Soon, everyone decided to give in to her demands.

However, the family that was still grieving especially the kids were not ready to have a fun and joyful wedding. After having noticed their lack of excitement, the stepmother uninvited her fiance’s daughters from the wedding. The little girls were forced to be at home with a baby sitter while their father tied the knot.

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“We were all still grieving, especially the girls, we weren’t all too excited about the wedding, the parties, the shower, etc. And ESM took this very personally. I wouldn’t blame her if half the family wasn’t happy about marriage but what she did was unforgivable. She uninvited my uncle’s daughters from the wedding. 5, 6, and 7-year-old grieving little girls were left at home with a baby sitter while their father married the biggest mistake on the planet,” wrote the woman. She added it was not a child-free wedding. She then concluded by saying that her cousins still hate their step-mother, 10 years later.

Reddit users who read the story sympathized with the girl and called their father an enabler. “This is 100 percent on the uncle for enabling this shit. Really, all uncle need to do was say this random ass Tuesday is the only day he can’t get off and it would have stopped this,” wrote one user.

Another said, “Was probably dating her before the aunt died. Even if not, sounds like he didn’t even wait for the soil to settle on his wife’s grave before looking for strange. Disgusting. What sort of person prioritizes dating over their grieving children?”

None of them could believe the man married just months after his wife’s death. “Those kids aren’t just grieving, their world is imploding because their dad moved on so quickly and with an evil woman at that. Holy s**t,” wrote one angry user.