Artist Reimagines Famous Characters On Their First Day At The Beach

Reimagined cartoon characters are a dime-a-dozen these days. How any more guises can we take, maybe just one more; this time it’s at the beach.

Summer is finally here, time to head to the beach and show off our tanning marks of the year. One artist re-imagined our favourite cartoon characters first day at the beach, rocking tan without a care in the world. You will be surprised to see Mr. Homer Simpsons wearing a Speedo but who wouldn’t fancy a little change especially after being in the same outfit daily since god-knows-when.

These re-imagined characters will simply make your day

#1 Marge And Homer Simpson

#2 Minion

#3 Jessica Rabbit

#4 Pippi Longstocking

#5 Wilma And Fred Flintstone

#6 Turanga Leela

#7 Cétautomatix

#8 Finn Mertens

#9 Dipper And Mabel Pines

#10 Krillin

#11 Hayley Smith

#12 Daria

#13 Cammy

#14 Dora The Explorer

#15 Helga Pataki