A Tricky Picture Test That Will Show How Good Your Logic Is

Have you ever wanted to act like Sherlock Holmes? Our lives don’t usually offer us a lot of opportunities to play detective unless we need to find a missing scarf at home or a mug at work that has suddenly disappeared. But it’s definitely tempting to test what our brains are capable of.

1. Let’s start with a simple warmup: look at this picture.

2 hunters have been hunting a deer. It showed up in the woods before and then suddenly disappeared. The hunters ran after it but lost it. However, the deer isn’t far away. Can you find it?

2. This one is a bit more complicated. The encounter:

2 friends have run into each other in the street.

“Hey, Alice. Where are you going,” asked Jane.

“I’m going to house number 23,” Alice said. “Where are you going, Jane?”

“I’m visiting Sarah, she lives in house number 7,” Jane replied.

Answer this:

1. Which one is Jane, and which one is Alice?

2. Where is the girl with the bob hairstyle going to?

3. Which girl is the owner of the cat?

There are 3 girls in the picture: Helen, Maria, and Irene. All the girls have been playing with the cat. But which one of them is its owner?

4. The kids on a walking trip

There are 5 children. One of them is Mike and he’s standing first in line. If Olivia was walking near Max, Alex would be side by side with his namesake. The question is, who is walking where?

5. The old ladies with watering cans

2 old ladies have come to the river to get some water for their gardens. Which of them will bring more water?

6. Which direction is the train heading in?

You see the railway section of the Paris-Frankfurt line. The direction of the railroad corresponds to the direction of the arrow above which points both west and east. Look at the picture and answer the following:

1. Where’s the train going: from Paris to Frankfurt or vice versa?

2. What is the girl’s profession?