9 Ways to Look Your Best on the Beach

7. Accessories

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Small details can divert attention from imperfections. These accessories can be anything like a bright beach bag, a necklace, bracelets or sunglasses with fun designs and colors. However, you should always remember that too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. A couple of accessories should be enough to solve the problem and harmonize all the looks in your outfit.

Also, a broad-brim hat will help to hide a not-so-perfect hair day. It can be quite helpful after a long day out by the sea.

8. Decorative sarongs

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It’s a well-known fact that sarongs can hide imperfections on any figure. However, this rule only works if the wrap is worn properly. There are many options of how you can tie this accessory to make your silhouette look more proportional. For example, curvy girls are recommended to tie the wrap a little higher above the waist, while slimmer girls are advised to tie it on the hips. When choosing a wrap, it’s also important to pay attention to the print. Curvier girls should avoid larger prints, while the best option for petite girls is a wrap with a medium-sized print.

9. The style of swimwear

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When choosing swimwear, don’t forget about visual effects. Even the tiniest details count.

  • Vertical cutouts on a swimsuit make your silhouette visually taller.
  • High-cut bikini pants make your legs look longer.
  • Round and V-shaped cutouts and straps tied up around the neck make broad shoulders narrower.
  • Frills, ruffles, and different embellishments add volume. So if you have narrow hips and wide shoulders, these elements should be on your bikini bottoms.

When trying to hide extra pounds, don’t bother with solid colored swimsuits. And if you choose a wrong large print, you can make your figure look more massive. If you have wide hips, you can draw more attention to your upper body by choosing a bra with decorative elements.