9 Trends That Will Go Out of Style in 2020

In the fashion industry, trends come and go faster than we can imagine. So when we say that something is no longer trendy, that doesn’t mean that the trend will completely vanish. Most of the time, trends last for one, 2, or even 3 seasons. This is why these styles won’t disappear overnight, but will step aside a little, to make space for new accessories, fabrics, models, and prints to make their appearance.

1. Natural fabrics

Cotton and linen, which have a more neutral style, were very in during the last season. Now, we’ll go back in time to a rediscover a forgotten material: Organza, a light and transparent fabric that will make you feel beautiful and cheerful during the summer.


2. Mom jeans

The most popular jeans model in recent seasons is, without a doubt, mom jeans. This summer, however, the silhouette of pants will become even bigger and more like classic Grandma jeans. The design is taller at the waist level and will be called “spanky” by influencers.


3. Jaguar print.

Animal print has ceased to be a trend for years and has transitioned to become an essential print for every wardrobe. We don’t even question if it’ll become a trend next season; we just wonder WHICH animal print will be popular. By 2020, you can bet that zebras will take the place of jaguars.


4. Capri pants

We were thrilled when capris became a thing. Short and fresh, they go perfectly with the summer season. They will remain popular, but will get a new look as flared and trimmed jeans. The design is not loose fitting and will become the perfect vintage and fashionista look for any woman.