9 Secrets That Eyelash Artists Aren’t Eager to Share

7. Why do some lashes not last very long?

Sometimes, it is the client’s fault that the lashes start falling off fast.

  • A client might take a bath or shower during the first hours after the procedure.
  • A client might not have warned the artist about an allergic reaction, their vitamin intake, or their lack of vitamins.
  • A client might rub their eyes often with their fingers.

8. Could it be the artist’s fault that you start losing eyelashes?

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Lash artists are people too and they can make mistakes. If the lashes have started to fall off very fast, it is possible that:

  • Your artist used the wrong kind of glue.
  • Your artist didn’t notice that your eyes were too wet during the procedure and that the connection line was wet too.
  • Your artist didn’t set the right humidity and temperature in the room.

9. What words from a lash artist should alarm you?

According to lash artists themselves, some artists may try to hide their poor skills behind these popular excuses:

  • If a lash artist says that your lashes are too short and that they have to stick the fake lashes to the skin, run away.
  • If the lashes look asymmetrical and the artist says that it is because your eyes are naturally asymmetrical and that a better result on your face would be impossible, they are a bad artist. Their job is to make it look like your eyelids are as symmetrical as possible.
  • Also, if you find that your lashes have started to peel off very fast and the artist blames you right away. Very often, they say that you slept with your face on the pillow (which is hard to argue with because you can’t control yourself in your sleep). In fact, it is actually really hard to sleep so that the lashes are pinched so much that they peel off.