9 Romantic Gestures That Can Make Your Relationship Stronger Than Ever

7. Ease things with the in-laws by being the bearer of good news.

In-laws can be challenging to handle, but your soulmate adores them and would love it if you got along with them. Try to ease things up by being the one that always tells them the positive news. You can be the one who invites them for dinner, who thanks them for that unique vase you got for Christmas, and who accepts the invitation for that Sunday lunch. Let your partner handle the negative communication and be the one who apologizes for not wanting to attend bingo night or for not lending them the car for the weekend.


8. Work together on a mutual project.

Create something together, just the two of you, so you become experts at teamwork. We’re talking about something as simple as preparing a home-cooked meal, redecorating the house, or painting the front door. It’s important for you both to achieve something together. Maybe signing up for another language class or participating in a contest would be good.


9. Cuddle! Physical contact alone can make you feel in love.

Human touch is so powerful that it can communicate love without saying a word. What’s more, is cuddling releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. This substance makes you and your partner feel happy, safe, and connected — in short, it makes you feel in love. Take this moment to say thanks to your partner for another day next to them. This will not only make you value your soulmate more deeply but it will help you both feel more valued in return. Plus, studies show that expressing gratitude actually makes as happy.