9 Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Cheap

7. Slicked-back ponytail

There are 2 types of ponytails that always look stylish: high and low ones. Any other kind would make you look cheap, and create the effect of sleek, greasy, or even thin hair.

If you have difficulties or don’t like sky-high hair, just make a low one. You can even make a messy bun for a breezy and feminine look. Don’t forget to fluff the hair at the crown of the head to add volume to your hair and amp up your look.


8. Invisible hairpins

The main purpose of hairpins is to fix flyaway hair in an almost invisible way. Experts recommend using hairpins in 2 different ways:

  • match them to your hair color and hide them in your hair;
  • pick bright stylish hairpins and use them as a main accessory (don’t overdo it with quantity, less is more).


9. Using too much styling product

Tight, full-bodied curls that would survive in any weather will make anyone look cheap. This hairstyle shows that you tried really hard to style your hair to impress people, and basically put in too much effort. Stylists advise choosing really natural hairstyles — no one should notice your hard work.