9 Countries That Have Very Different Concepts of Male Beauty

South Korea

If you’ve ever watched a South Korean TV series, or witnessed K-pop idol performances, then – you must already know that the concept of male beauty in this Asian state differs radically from most other countries. Over here, there’s no rough, brutal male beauty. You won’t see any guys sporting huge muscles, thick beards, or even a light stubble. Instead, the super-trendy masculine features include smooth skin; fashionably cut (and, often, brightly-dyed) hair; slender, sometimes even fragile, physiques. To please the ladies, local men even resort to plastic surgery. Also, South Korean heartthrobs are intimately familiar with lip gloss and eye shadows. And, finally, in this country, men are very particular about their wardrobe, paying serious money for items from famous brands.

United Kingdom

The shores of Great Britain are not exactly spoiled by sunny weather. That’s why UK residents have naturally fair skin. But, unlike in India, English men don’t find this feature to be helpful in attracting the opposite sex. Actually, they often try to remedy this ‘drawback’ by using self-tanning products. To please the ladies, UK machos either opt for a clean-shaven look, or, as is increasingly popular these days, grow a short stubble. They try not to gain extra pounds, yet steer clear of excessive muscle-building workouts. Also, it’s not uncommon for modern British guys to have tattoos – these body decorations never fail to impress the local girls.



Despite the fact that Korean and Australian men look very different – they both take great care of their appearance. Come to think of it, the latter can actually teach the former a thing or two. The male inhabitants of the Green Continent are always ready to invest time and money in attaining a trendy image. But, after all – their girlfriends and wives expect nothing less. Australian guys visit cosmetologists, hang out in gyms trying to achieve the perfect muscles, and even undergo plastic surgeries to change the shape of their nose and ears. The results are worth the trouble: men from Down Under are considered to be among the sexiest in the world.

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