7 Reasons Why Unfaithful Husbands Stay With Their Wives

One survey found that 2.2% of married people reported that they had had more than one partner during a year. In general, according to researchers, between 15–25% of married Americans have affairs and men are more likely to engage in cheating than women. And there is a question as to why husbands who cheat don’t want to divorce, but still keep cheating.

1. His home is still the best place, in his opinion.

He’s known you forever, you cook for him, and you take care of the kids. He is comfortable with his life and is looking for an affair because he wants to try something new, not necessarily because he wants to change his life. Home for a husband like this is a castle.

There is no question in his head about whether he should leave. He doesn’t want this because, without his wife, it would be difficult for him to manage the house. Maybe there is no love or passion anymore, but there are friendship and respect. He just wants a comfort zone where he can take the best nap.


2. He is just looking for a “break.”

A CEO of one dating site for married people who are looking for affairs said in an interview that there are many of these types of cases when you have a good relationship with your partner. They are a part of a good family group, both have duties, but cheaters are not looking for a break-up in this case.

There is a big love between partners, but having an affair is just a time to relax and feel adventurous.


3. He thought he could find the answer about life in an affair, but hasn’t yet.

There is an interesting story about a husband who cheated on his wife. Yes, it was a total disaster. The woman went through the whole spectrum of feelings, but after some time she started to ask why. He didn’t look like he wanted to leave his family.

The answer was simple. He didn’t do it because there was something wrong with her or because she was an awful wife. He did it because there was something wrong with him.

Some men think that if there is a new woman, something will change and they will become happy, but it doesn’t happen. They do love their wives but still, they can be experiencing some psychological problems.


4. He actually loves his wife.

One woman shared her story about dating a married guy. He was a gentleman and a nice family guy. And the main thing was that he was not going to leave his wife. So, many of us might be asking why he’s behaving this way.

Another guy was able to answer this question. He had been happily married for more than 20 years and had kids. And yes, he loved his wife a lot, but he had been cheating for more than 15 years. It is just a “fetish” for him. At the same time, he also feels guilty about it.