7 Changes in the Human Body That Prove We Are Still Evolving

Have you noticed that men get bald sooner and more and more kids have a poor vision? As it turns out, the lifestyle we choose has a huge impact on the evolution of humans and determines what our descendants will be like.

1. Freckles instead of sunscreen

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Freckles appear when a person spends a lot of time in the sun, but disappear when there is not a lot of UV-light exposure and the skin can synthesize vitamin D.

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Now, freckles are seen in more people, no matter what their skin and hair color is. It’s all about the gene with the mutation that helped our ancestors live in territories where there was very little sunshine in the winter and a lot in summer. Today, freckles continue to protect us from too much sunshine.

2. Men are going bald sooner.

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Life today is often accompanied by constant stress, tension, or frustration. As a result, men can start going bald as early as 20 years old and this is becoming the new normal.

Also, eating a vegetarian diet plays a role here too: when people stop eating animals, they rarely consult doctors to find out how to eat a balanced diet. As a result, the lack of zinc and iron has a negative effect on hair health.

3. Natural labor is a thing of the past.

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The regular practice of C-sections has reduced maternal mortality in cases where the fetus is too big to fit through the maternal pelvic canal. The increasing amount of daughters that survived being delivered this way has led to more and more women needing C-sections during labor. Scientists predict an evolutionary response that might cause this number to increase even further in the future.

4. Body weight is decreasing.

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A lack of physical activity in the life of a modern person makes the bones less strong and lighter. In order to avoid this, scientists recommend getting good physical activity every day.

5. New blood types are appearing.

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Mutations during the evolution of modern humans have led to the appearance of new blood types. For example, very few people have so-called golden blood. It is very valuable: it can be transfused to anyone with any blood type.

6. The immune system is getting weaker.

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It is believed that because we keep our houses very clean, the number of people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and autoimmune problems is growing. Our immune systems have fewer chances to interact with bacteria and viruses, so it becomes super-sensitive and often attacks our own bodies.

Also, people relying on medication, even in situations when their body can handle the problem by itself, is a bad thing. We become weaker and more vulnerable.

7. Short-sightedness is developing in young children.

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Modern children spend several hours a day in front of a computer screen. As a result, certain changes in how their eyes function happens: they see very well at short distances, but can’t see things from afar very well. The development of short-sightedness can be slowed down but it can’t be stopped, so the solution is to wear glasses or get surgery.