5 Illustrations Explaining Why You Haven’t Found Your Love Yet

4. You spend too much time at home.

Fatigue, bad weather, and the depressive winter season are reasons to spend the day inside. Besides, there’s a new film to watch and a book to read. By the way, knitting is also a great hobby. So you stay at home. You always find an excuse, even when it comes to weekends and holidays. Because of this you always feel sad when there’s no one to hug you.

  • Your diagnosis: you’ve turned into a homebody.

What can you do?

Of course the time we spend alone is peaceful, covered with a blanket, with the heroes of our favorite novels. But let’s be honest: if you limit yourself to the 4 walls that surround you, you’re likely to have a date only with your fridge. There’s a wonderful world beyond your house, make an effort to get acquainted with it.


5. You can’t let your previous relationship go.

So you’ve finally found time for a date. You spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying on different outfits and imagining his admiring gaze, bashful smile, and funny jokes. But before you go out, you feel like you just want to cry. Because when you think about love, the image of your ex-boyfriend appears in your mind. He was handsome, brave, perfect, and just the best, so caring and nice. Outstanding psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud wrote how important it is to leave past relationships in the past. Why argue with an expert?

  • Your diagnosis: your previous relationship occupies your heart.

What can you do?

Answer a question: why are you still suffering? Your relationship is over, the time machine hasn’t been invented yet, and you can’t change anything. Your ex isn’t perfect, he’s great only in your own head. Psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg thinks that subconscious emotions and fantasies have a huge impact on our new relationships. Let yourself move forward. It’s time to be happy!

Images Credit. Sergey Raskovalov / BrightSide