5 Illustrations Explaining Why You Haven’t Found Your Love Yet

1. You’re against trying new things.

Cute, good looking, and independent. You meet your friends always in the same cafe and choose only “chick flicks” when you go to the movies. You’re pretty sure that there are lots of smart guys in the theater, and that there are no creative people among athletes. Your narrow views and habits don’t allow you to move forward.

  • You’re scared to try something new.

What can you do?

You have to get rid of the structure you’ve built for yourself. The world is huge and diverse. And true love is waiting for you beyond this structure of usual places and hobbies!


2. Your parents’ opinion is the main one for you.

This precious moment has finally come: you start falling in love. Mom asks about his hobbies and dad is interested in his job. Together they come to the conclusion that he doesn’t deserve you. And you can’t choose between your feelings and their feelings and negative opinion. Don’t be upset! Doctors Tim Fawcett and Piet van den Berg from the University of Bristol conducted scientific research and published an article that says that parents very often don’t like their kids’ choice and it’s a totally normal thing.

  • Your diagnosis: your parents’ opinion is more significant for you than your own.

What can you do?

Of course parental authority is an important part of upbringing. Mom doesn’t like his one feature, dad doesn’t like something as well. But your parents have already found their love and have a family. Now it’s your turn to make a choice. Let yourself follow your own feelings and opinion.


3. You don’t pay attention to your appearance.

There you go! You did it. In a cafe, a waiter pays attention to your friend and takes your order with a serious face. A handsome man wants to know the name of the girl in the bright red dress. A lady wearing pleasant perfume attracts the attention of so many people around her. And you hide your head, with a ponytail, inside a tired, old hoodie.

  • Your diagnosis: you stopped caring about how you look to other people.

What can you do?

Mom always used to say that people will love your soul and intelligence. And that’s true! But there’s an attraction period that happens prior to love. Leil Lowndes, an expert in the psychology of communication, thinks that the first impression is the foundation of the future relationship. Of course it’s important to be smart, but don’t forget to look good, and be a kind and open person in public. Guys don’t care if skinny jeans aren’t trendy now, if they suit you (as well as your beautiful smile)!