28 Hilarious Kids Who Can’t Stand Weddings

What? I have to be quiet for HOURS? Imagine not being able to keep your kid quite and still for a few minutes at home and having to bring them in a wedding. But on a special occasion like this, you also don’t want to leave them out. What else can they do but be kids?

They’re messy, upset, a little dirty, but doesn’t matter. All of this will be part of a very precious memory for a family.

How much longer?

Ken Pak Photography

Get your butt back here!

Annette Burgess

Vows? Is it more important than my Minnie Mouse undies?

Abby Photography

They want this torture to end already.

Del Sol Photography

Grace was tried of the crowd.

Matt Dunham

Love? What is that? I can’t eat it!


Flower girl has enough.


This boy showing off his throwing skills. With a ring-bearer pillow.

Kyoot Kids

Super booooored.

David Ferguson Photography

Can anyone make them stop?

Kelly Hornberger

Lil’ cousin was tired of a full-day wedding, holding his suitcase of toys.


I want to go home.

Craig Paulson Photography

Dad to the rescue.

Del Sol Photography

You want me to take it there? Okay!

Kyoot Kids

Uh, do you guys really want me here?


Our son stole the show.


Photobomb by friend’s daughter.


Boy sees a very soft surface to jump on.

She is confused what are these people suddenly laughing about.


Make that stop. Make that wedding tune stop!

Two emotional flower girls.

Studio Cabrelli

Flower girl before wedding and after the reception ends.


Will this be the last time I do this?

What are you looking at?!

Kate McElwee Photography

Enough is enough!

She’s out for the night.

Del Sol Photography

You think I can’t walk out? I’ll show you!


One unfortunate ring-bearer.