25 People Who’ve Changed Their Appearance Amazingly And Its Truly Inspiring

We all know that one kid at school who is just plain. Some of them wished they were plain because they were attracting people with their unattractive appearances. Let’s face it – a lot of us had really awful looks back in school with all these hormones surge and puberty hitting us like a truck. We thought things could only go downward from then.

But these people proved otherwise. And a lot of them prove that efforts count. If you want to look like a supermodel, yes, you can. Makeup tutorial is readily available everywhere and getting into shape doesn’t even have to be done at the gym. Watch these incredible transformations!

From 14 to 23, it’s been an awkward decade.

cocoamilky |Reddit

Twenty years later…still need the big glasses!

MillerTime56 |Reddit

Even my family doesn’t recognize me these days, it’s nice. From 12 to 24.

asionahaya |Reddit

My dad used to call me ugly Betty, and I took it as a compliment. 11 vs 21.

Chief-_-Queef |Reddit

When I was in high school I just knew that in my 20s I would become the baddie I knew I was. 16 and now 23.


Just a late bloomer, I guess. From 18 to 23.


16 vs 27. I was called ugly a lot, but I learned to love myself based on my own standard.


From August 2019 and then June 2020. Wearing this dress for the first time in 2 years.


Before senior high school on the left and 26-year-old on the right.


From 15 to 24. Nine years of finding the right haircut, overcoming depression and accepting herself!


Did mewing for 2 years and look at the change!


Age 9 and then 19. Grew into my features and knew the right angles.


Seven years of difference, 18 now. Got braces and learned to smile as well as drawing eyebrows.


New pearls!


23-year-old me with a modeling contract and before that, 16-year-old me.

ahug1597 |Reddit

15 years old, after skin cleared up and hair turning pink, 23 years old now.

SupernovaPrincess |Reddit

High school years weren’t my best, appearance wise… But 19 now, two years later.

spiffiys |Reddit

Girlfriend inspired me to go on a weight loss journey and am so glad I tried. Two years later.


These are the same person! She was 16 and then 23.

tallcabbagegirl |Reddit

I was bullied a lot, but I grew and learned to cherish the life that I am living now. 13 to 20.

jreisz |Reddit

From 14 to 20. Stopped squinting eyes and adopted k-beauty.

justemoiii |Reddit

Being born with a cleft lip and palate made be get bullied a lot and lost self-esteem. But that only made me empathetic. 13 vs 35.

mandiekitty |Reddit

From 15 to 18. What a ride!

Poo-et |Reddi

From 11 to 21. One decade of growing and learning makeup.

c4ssienic0le |Reddit

There’s a 3-year of difference, don’t give up!

FreethoughtChris |Reddit