22 Witty People Who Are Able to Laugh at Their Past Selves

We all probably have photos in our old photo albums that make us feel a little bit embarrassed, or some of our childhood memories may have been turned into funny stories we can tell at a family reunion. But every photo or story from the past is a part of us. That’s why some internet users shared this “compromising material” with the public and won some well-deserved popularity.

“Modern 5-year-old girls look like porcelain dolls. When I was 5, I looked like the grumpy boss of some company.”

© Sashynka Rot / Twitter

“My first day in the first grade. I was ABSOLUTELY NOT DELIGHTED BY IT.”

© esc1t4lopr4m / Reddit

“You didn’t expect that, right?”

© SoniaAlSowaiegh / Twitter

“Me and my Looney Tunes tie in 1996”

© this_is_my_work_acco / Reddit

So that’s why some sequels in our childhood didn’t appear until years later.

© stas_satori / Twitter

“I cut my own hair, circa 2007.”

© justpassingbyby / Reddit

“It was ‘Opposite Day’ at my school in 2005. I was the only guy who decided to dress like a girl.”

© awashbu12 / Reddit

“My friend (on the left) had just cut my hair like that. Good old times.”

© einhorn27 / Reddit

When your whole life felt like a cool spy movie.

© Sofi83147095 / Twitter

“At that time, I was obsessed with frogs and lizards.”

© Kolt45ns / Reddit

There were times when the best toys weren’t bought in a shop.

© CrazyTom666 / Twitter

“When I was in the 8th grade, I thought I was dressed very-very cool for a concert I attended.”

© mastermoto7321 / Reddit

Some kids are just great actors.

© kotalkin / Twitter

“I thought it would be cool to bring my guitar to my senior photoshoot. It wasn’t.”

© DroopyMallard0815 / Reddit

“My husband and I almost 20 years ago, around the time we met”

© sznnh / Reddit

It seems like they had their own romantic show there.

© ser_barnes / Twitter

“My mom and I looking effortlessly cool in the mid-’90s”

© chillychinchillada / Reddit

“No tattoos? No worries! Just draw some on!”— 15-year-old me thought I was very cool.”

© Eclipsemerc7 / Reddit

“My mom let me dye my hair when I was 14 after a lot of begging. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Looking back, I’m not sure why.”

© galesmate / Reddit

“My mom when she won the pie-eating contest”

© Talking_Head / Reddit

“My dad and his friends after sleeping on the school’s roof during summer break.”

© u/evzike / Reddit

“My grandma in her youth.”

© chdiit / Reddit