22 Photos That Take 3 Looks and a Zoom to Get What’s Going On

Did you know that our brain generates about 12 watts of electricity? And this is enough to power a low-watt LED light. Now we are going to make your brain work even harder.

1. Who is wearing the heels here?

© ohkevingee_/Reddit  

2. Are you sure that there is a girl in this one?

© shyggar/Reddit

3. You seem to eat a lot of protein, kiddo. Or maybe that’s your father?

© break_me_down/Reddit

4. A squirrel is trying to break into my mom’s car again.

© vishalb777/Reddit

5. Just stop staring at me, please!

© digbick41/Reddit

6. Be aware of pickpockets. They will do anything when they see a target.

© Rambo_Brit3/Reddit  

7. The new type of Kit-Kat chocolate: CatCat

© WarmTummyRubs/Reddit  

8. Already?

© Toberoni/Reddit  

9. Once you see it, the spell is broken.

© hazysummersky/Reddit  

10. This dude has to gain weight. Oh, wait…

© Unknown/Reddit  

11. How often does she hit the gym?

© supremeeasy/Reddit 

12. Look again.

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13. You are lucky to have such an elegant man.

© en777/Pikabu

14. Which animal do you see here?

© Azrapse/Reddit 

15. It’s hard to even figure it out.

© Unknown/Reddit

16. She is so caring. I should learn from her.

© ishipyourotp/Imgur

17. Wow, you look so stylish now, bird. Give me the number of your hairdresser.

© bromemeoth/Reddit 

18. The hairy arm helped me to find reality.

© ForcedPerspective/Reddit

19. Why are looking at me like this?

© craigstone_/Reddit

20. Believe me, this is not what you think it is.

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21. Not the best design, I guess.

© DiscountPonies/Reddit

22. When you’ve been waiting for a prince on a white horse, but to get him you have become a horse yourself.

© KlausJanVanWolfhaus/Reddit