22 Photos That Are Better Than Opening a Fresh Jar of Nutella

If you need a quick way to find your zen but you don’t have the time to grab a mat and give yoga a try, there are other methods out there. Looking at relaxing pictures is also considered to be a form of mindfulness meditation. So simply gazing at visually satisfying images like some rainbow-colored plates or a bunch of perfectly sliced pieces of bread can be as soothing as a hug.

“Countertop storage we built to see our Fiestaware rainbow”

© Aculed200 / reddit

Perfect black and white ice cream swirls

© tobago_88 / reddit

“I inherited my grandmother’s sewing chest which was built by my grandfather. This is the top drawer.”

© yesitsyourmom / reddit

“The way I built my headboard to meet the shiplap lines”

© ThatBuilderDude / reddit

 “The puddles that formed on my trampoline this morning”

© AllYourLasagaIsMine / reddit

“Stairs in my client’s home”

© KASSLEO / reddit

Even if you don’t eat bread, you can still appreciate these perfectly cut slices.

© kateotfer / reddit

“After 20 years of working at the same place, I vowed to finish a pen, then finish the box.”

© s0uld0ubt79 / reddit

A sea glass rainbow

© E-catherine / reddit

“The lineup of the bridal party from our wedding this past summer”

© the4oclockhero / reddit

“This is my new betta fish. I haven’t settled on a name yet but I’m leaning toward naming him Tide Pod.”

© Arcodian / reddit

“A girl came into work today with a particularly colorful chameleon.”

© InevitablePizzas / reddit

 Huge lightning striking in Manila Bay

© reddituser1300135 / reddit

Perfect cable management

© spacedd_ / reddit

“I finally noticed that the floor in the Hawaiian BBQ place is the ocean washing up onto the beach.”

© Newenergy253 / reddit

“My dustpan brush is a violin.”

© ThrowAwayBecause40 / reddit

“My iced coffee came out of the freezer with this cool crystal ring around the top.”

© mortifiedtree / reddit

A mini forest created in a resin diorama

© emily3289 / reddit

 “I’m so happy with how the layers in my matcha cake turned out — I just had to share it with you guys!”

© KillerMagicBeans / reddit

Lucky avocado to seed ratio

© elch3w / reddit

The alignment of these trees and their shadows

© cccdebbie / reddit

“This is a melting wood effect I’m working on. Still needs some sandpaper love but very pleased with my first attempt.”

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