21 Retro Photos That Capture the Beauty of the Human Body

When we think of something “retro” we imagine cars, music, clothes, and photographs of course. No one would argue that retro pictures are a pleasure to an eye. They have impeccable style, and people somehow seem to be simple yet elegant no matter what they’re doing. The definition of retro style implies that new things show features of the past. We’d definitely like to have those body features that you’re about to see in the following pics.

1. A striking hourglass shape packed into eye-catching Sicily lemon colors

2. Bringing us back to the old times when the bikini just appeared…

3. A body Thor would die for (plus an ax)

4. Marilyn knew a thing or 2 about taking a bubble bath.

5. The lack of fashion never stood in the way of showing off your legs!

6. Luckily, the lingerie department worked better than bathing suits!