21 Photographers Who Know How to Trick Our Eyes

We enjoy looking at photos online but we often don’t notice things happening in them. For example, we may not realize that there’s a line of tourists behind a cool landscape photo, that an engagement ring is actually on top of a phone, or that a kiwi is actually someone’s dog

How you take a photo and how it looks can be 2 really different things…

© Hugo Carneiro Fotografia / Facebook

You need to wait in line to make this shot.

© Aurify / Reddit 

When you really want a kiwi:

© lyricalmethod / Reddit

You can still take cool “nature” shots even if the weather is bad.

© lookingforlexy / Reddit

Engagement ring photos taken “on” an iPhone

© ATaleAhead / Reddit  

When your photographer wants to make the photo more dynamic:

© FranchescaOzuna / Reddit

This is what step-by-step lessons online look like:

© Amythedutchess / Twitter

Riding in the back of the car to take a cool photo

© AdrianMarina / Reddit

“What I post vs what I send to my friends”

© dyamondaireyel / Reddit

This is what empty streets really look like.

© got_memes / Reddit

You can’t always look like a model!

© Petitepiranha / Reddit

It’s all about perspective.

© Quincynessig / Reddit

Before and after shots taken about 30 seconds apart

© hiittrainer / Reddit

Same makeup, same girl — the magic of light and angles!

© shuushuufontana / Reddit

A mysterious waterfall looks like this:

© _alexhinson_ / Twitter

When one has the outfit, but the other has the nails:

© LeSalonApp / Twitter

It takes a lot of work to look elegant in a photo!

© _AbSoFab / Twitter  

When you’re tired of being perfect:

© BeautyChickee / Twitter

This face is usually behind a perfect photo.

© conangray / Twitter

Instagram vs real-life motherhood

© snlslh / Reddit

“My Instagram life vs my real life”

© capturebylucy / Twitter