21 People Who Proved That DIY Home Renovations Aren’t a Tragedy

A famous rule says that if you want changes in your life, start by redecorating your house. But there are some people that like going a step further than merely rearranging furniture — they demolish the walls and start over, making their homes even more beautiful than before. And some people’s homes boast a garden as well, which also requires plenty of attention. And it’s these kinds of people who have never heard of the word, “lazy.”

“I’ve never had a garden in my life. It took me 3 months to pull this miracle together. I finally have my own balcony oasis.”

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“I did so many things in my free time.”

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“I’ve been stuck in my apartment for months, staring at the same ugly bedroom, and I finally decided to change it.”

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“We bought a new home with a neglected garden. We worked hard for 3 months to transform it.”

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“I’m so proud of myself! I did it all with my own hands.”

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“I tidied up the house and the surrounding area.”

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“My dad and I built a patio at my house.”

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A girl transformed her tiny yard into a real paradise.

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Someone had tons of free time to do miracles!

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After the renovation, this garden really started to look like a garden.

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“I’ve always dreamt of having a wardrobe room, so I decided to renovate the moldy, unused space on the top of our home.”

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“I moved into a new apartment in January, and the kitchen didn’t look the best. In May, I finally decided to do something about it.”

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“6 months later, the remodel is finally finished.”

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“Wife wanted it — wife got it.”

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Now it looks like a cozy house from a fairy tale.

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“We bought a flat and renovated it before moving in. But we didn’t have enough energy or money to repair the balcony.”

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“So we decided to do it later. And 6 months later, I braced myself and did it with my own hands.”

A tiny kitchen before and after renovation

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“2 long years later — 90% of work was done by me in my spare time, and my perfect house is ready.”

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“We transformed a cluttered, unkempt garden into a cozy, tidy one.”

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“My husband and I renovated our kitchen. We’re newbies and are proud of the final result.”

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“We moved into a house that was built in 1927 and completely transformed it, keeping historically important interior details.”

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