20 Photos That Prove It’s Never Too Late to Turn Into a Beautiful Swan

While some people bloom when puberty hits, there are others who get their glow-up later in life. We all go through different phases until we achieve the look, style, or confidence we’ve always wanted for ourselves.

1. “From 14 to 23 with a modeling contract”

© ahug1597 / Reddit

2. “A 3-year difference — never give up on yourself!”

© FreethoughtChris / Reddit

3. “Age 17 to 23 — it’s the same person, I swear!”

© tallcabbagegirl / Reddit

4. “August 2019 to June 2020 — my first time wearing this dress in 2 years!”

© tordorit0 / Reddit 

5. “Age 17 to 26 — I was literally about to be a high school senior in that left pic. Still can’t believe how different I look.”

© AJJay7 / Reddit

6. “This is my 2-year journey of mewing. I’m in shock myself to actually see how much my face has changed!”

© Kewickz / Reddit

7. “Age 9 to 19! I grew into my features and learned angles.”

© new-wave-babe / Reddit

8. “11 to 18 — I got braces, learned how to smile properly, and figured out how to draw in my nonexistent eyebrows.”

© ithinkimalivee / Reddit

9. “Check out my new pearly whites!”

© Dalo600 / Reddit

10. “I was inspired by my girlfriend to lose weight and am very glad I tried my best. Here’s my 2-year weight loss.”

© SearchFinish1 / Reddit

11. “I was called ugly a lot in middle school. In my 20s, I realized that I could define my own standard of beauty. On the left is me at age 16 and on the right, age 27.”

© noiseferatu / Reddit

12. “Age 13 to 20: I was bullied for most of my life. Over this time, I’ve grown to like myself and cherish the life that I have. Proud of how far I’ve come.”

© jreisz / Reddit

13. “13 vs 35 — I was born with a cleft lip and palate, I was bullied, and I had low self-esteem. But my health struggles have made me empathetic.”

© mandiekitty / Reddit

14. “It’s been a heck of a ride (age 15 to age 18)!”

© Poo-et / Reddit

15. “Age 11 to 21, a decade of growing up and learning how to do makeup”

© c4ssienic0le / Reddit

16. “Age 17 to 19 — I’ve got to say, my high school years were not the best appearance-wise…”

© spiffiys / Reddit

17. “Age 15 to 24 — I was attempting to find a haircut that fit me while overcoming crippling depression. Self-acceptance and growth are so awesome!”

© basseykills / Reddit

18. “12 years old vs 33 years old — I’m lucky my teeth are straight because I never wore my retainer.”

© Yellowcastle / Reddit

19. “Age 15 to 23: My skin cleared up and my hair turned pink.”

© SupernovaPrincess / Reddit

20. “Age 14 vs 20: I stopped squinting my eyes and stuck with K-beauty.”

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