19 Times a Haircut Has Changed Someone Beyond Recognition

Change can be a beautiful thing — especially when it comes to your hair. It’s completely captivating to see a hairdressers artistry take someone’s hair from outdated to cool. They prove how something as simple as a haircut can change someone’s appearance from caring to daring, or from slouchy to chic.

1. “My wife told me ’you’ve had your fun, now cut your hair!’”

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2. “Before and after, 10 inches of hair donated!

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3. Both styles look very good on her!

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4. “Gave all my hair to Locks of Love.”

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5. “I also cut off and donated most of my hair.”

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6. First cut in nearly four years.

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7. “From straightening my hair every day to finding out that THIS was possible!”

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8. “My beard and hair transformation — 2009/2019”

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9. “Took the plunge today and cut it all off!”

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10. “Before and after: big chop and new routine”

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11. “Just donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.”

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12. “From damaged and over processed because I wanted blonde curls so bad, to embracing my natural dark hair!”

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13. “I saw my daughter’s beautiful curls start to form, I knew that the only way she would truly love her hair is if I loved mine too.”

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14. “Got the job of my life, so I chopped off my hair.”

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15. “Donating my hair to Locks of Love!”

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16. “After my bass was stolen, I cut all my hair off, sold it for $900, donated $450 to Locks of Love, and bought a new bass with the rest.”

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17. “Cut my hair yesterday. I now have 4, 12” ponytails to donate.”

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18. “Cut off my hair for locks of love.”

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19. “Kind of a reverse transformation, I kicked my obsession with modifying my hair and finally let it grow out natural and healthy!”

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20. “Long hair to short hair, before and after”

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