19 Pics of Kids Whose Parents Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

On average, children ask 73 questions a day. Unfortunately, there’s no statistic on the number of times a kid makes their parents facepalm per day but if we were to make a guess, we’d say it’s a lot!

1. We can feel the headache settling in.

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2. “My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: my son is in the background.”

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3. “My son feeding his fake dog goldfish while his real dog sits outside, pissed”

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4. “My daughter felt one straw was not enough…”

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5. I mean, he does have a point.

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6. “My kids have disabled my iPod for 45 years.”

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7. “Caught my son watching cartoons at 3 AM. He didn’t expect to be caught.”

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8. “This is how my son was sleeping. He may be immortal.”

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9. “My son just made a huge mess. This is his ’just let me explain’ face.”

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10. “My 6-year-old daughter is great at multitasking.”

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11. “Took my daughter out for a nice dinner…”

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12. “My son after trying to get back down from washing his hands. Just hanging there…helpless…”

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13. “Playing hide and seek with my kids and this is how I found my daughter.”

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14. “My 2-year-old daughter drew a pillow with chalk, then laid down for a nap…”

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15. “Took my daughter to a Van Gogh exhibit.”

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16. My daughter makes beds in random places. Found her asleep in a Costco tote/container.

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17. My daughter has been picking out her own clothes and watching her big brother get on the bus.

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18. “My daughter looks like she just destroyed an entire Sith army.”

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19. These kids were asked to dress up as elves for their school play. One kid dressed up as Elvis.

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